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It’s a great way to support all the work that Dorchester Town Football Club does.

It’s not just about the First Team. There’s the Centre of Excellence where youngsters are coached by qualified coaches to help them develop with the aim of getting into the first team; Dorchester Town FC Youth that comprises of over 450 local children playing in over 34 teams whose ages range from 8 years to Under 18 years.

And not forgetting Kix Start – our not-for-profit organisation who is running the clubs Ability Counts team and the clubs Walking Football and Supporter Fitness projects.

And we have ambitious plans for the future with making big changes at our ground, The Avenue Stadium, to turn it into a seven-days-a-week community venue.

Dorchester Town Football Club is the only supporter-owned football club in Dorset. We believe in the principle of supporter-owned clubs. We believe we should be an asset at the heart of the community, not a closed shop run by one or two figures in the board room. Buying a share in our club will help us grow and thrive and make our plans possible.

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